Reel Awareness Film Festival and Series

Custom WordPress theme and website built for the Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival and Film Series.

Skills Used: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS


Throughout the year, the Amnesty International Toronto Organization's (AITO) Film Team (completely voluntarily run) organizes film screenings across the city of Toronto. These films shine light on human rights issues. These events always include actions such as petition signing or letter-writing related to the issues presented by the film. In addition to the film series, the team also holds an annual film festival that presents multiple films across 2-3 days, usually including guest speakers who are experts on the human rights issues being presented.

At this time, the festival is going into its 12th year. Along with the film team, AITO also has a digital team. Considering how both teams are made up of volunteers, there is constant turnover with members leaving and new volunteers joining. Because of this, the maintanence of the film website has always been an issue.

Each year one individual would typically create .html files for each film and upload them to the website. Such a system presents problems as changes can only be made by one individual. As a way to improve maintainence and sustainability, I decided to create a Wordpress Theme that provides any AITO Film Team Member the powers to create, remove, and update any film pages without any required web development knowledge.